Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Printer Setup or Troubleshooting

We can quickly and professionally set up your new printer or solve issues with your current printer. We will unbox and set up your new printer and connect it to up to 2 devices if desired. We will also connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network and perform updates. We’re are also here to help if you are having trouble with your current printer. We will troubleshoot the functionality of 1 printer and up to 2 devices. We will perform essential diagnostic checks on your printer and determine if there are any jams or shortages of paper, ink and toner. Once the problem is identified, we’ll get your printer working properly as soon as possible.

Before we begin

When we arrive at your home, we’ll discuss the scope of work to ensure that services purchased meet your needs and expectations. If they don’t, we’ll recommend solutions.

Printer setup

We’ll unbox and place 1 new printer right where you want it.

Then, we’ll perform an initial setup, update drivers, connect the printer to your home network and configure it to print and/or scan from up to 2 devices. The printer can be installed on more devices with additional services or charges.

Printer troubleshooting

We’ll check the paper, ink and/or toner levels, replace with client-provided consumables as needed, and clear any jams. Plus, we’ll update the drivers or firmware, reset the printer, and re-perform the initial setup if necessary.

Final steps

We’ll verify that your printer is operating properly, answer any questions you may have, provide support instructions as needed and make sure you are comfortable using your printer.

This service does not include paper, ink or other consumables, or physical repairs to the printer. Setup, configuration, troubleshooting or repair of your home network, computer or other device are also not included.

Service does not include setting up or troubleshooting a 3D printer or industrial printer. Service does not include physical repairs or part replacements on a printer; setting up, configuring, troubleshooting or repairing a computer; or providing paper, ink or other consumables.